golf is more fun when you're playing well

1:1 Personal and Remote Golf-Coaching

PLAY consistenTLY

think like a winner

practise effectively

3 Blindingly obvious, but often overlooked, ways to transform your golf.

Solve specific technical obstacles to your progress

If you don't get to the root cause of a consistent technical problem, e.g. slicing, topping, then you will not find a permanent solution.
Through 1:1 and/or remote coaching, I can give you a complete analysis, diagnosis and practice plan to put you on your path to your best golf.

Solve specific mental obstacles to your progress

Common mental obstacles performance are nervousness, lack of confidence, lack of concentration, negativity and fear of failure. These can all be solved if you know what, and how, to practice conquering them.
My online course and 1:1 coaching will bring positivity into your play.

Practise effectively and efficiently to progress

Practice is not all about 10'000 repetitions. It's about quality, focussed practice on the technical and mental solutions to improve your performance. Whether you have 10 minutes or 2 hours, the objective is to rehearse your solutions until they become the default movements, thoughts and routines. Let me help you construct unique practice plan.

"By helping my clients solve their golfing frustrations, what I really deliver is fun".

Start your journey to more golfing fun. Coaching with Andrew Cullen.

1:1 Personal and Remote Coaching

Private lessons available all year at Golf Club Markgräflerland in the Black Forest, Germany and at CorpoSana Indoor Golf, Basel, Switzerland.
I am also available to coach golfers worldwide remotely by video exchange over the GolfCoachApp.

"Golf is Mental" Online Course CHF 39.-

My online course "Golf is Mental!" addresses the common mind-set issues of handicap golfers and offers simple solutions. Learn how to build self-confidence, feel positive, deal with nerves, improve focus, build powerful, repetitive routines and practice effectively.

3 Steps to your best and most consistent golf ever!

1. Book a lesson

Book your 1:1 coaching session over my online agenda, or register for remote coaching over the GolfCoachApp.

2. Know what and how to improve your golf

Knowledge is power. Get a complete analysis of your game and learn how to overcome your technical and mental obstacles to performance.

3. Formulate your practice plan

However long you have to practice, make it purposeful. Together we can create a plan to work effectively at the drills, thoughts and routines you need to play at your best.

"I wanted more consistency and more length and I am making progress. Your teaching is tailored to me, and I am even more motivated to work on my game"
Christoph H
Member GC Markgräflerland
"Your impressive practical and theoretical teaching and your patience just suits me. The video control is for me most helpful in solving my inconsistency"
Hans-Peter P
Member G&CC Bale

"I was born with a golf club in my hands!"

Andrew Cullen PGA BSc(Hons) Dipl.Sports Psychology

Born into a golfing family in Edinburgh, Scotland

Played since….forever!

PGA Professional since 1988

Class AA Swiss PGA Member

Diploma in Sports Psychology

Golf Physio Pro™

Professional Seniors Tour Player

Free Download

How to improve quickly and build self-belief

Download the Chapter 2 practical application video from my online course “Golf is Mental!” FREE! It shows you what effective and efficient practice is and how it can quickly improve your self-belief and performance. 

Each of the 6 chapters from my online course "Golf is Mental" contains a video introduction, slide presentation on methodology, text explanation and practical application video.

Know how to use your precious practice time efficiently and effectively.

Practice is not just about 10’000 repetitions.

Practice is about implementation of clear concepts, pictures and feels for what you are trying to improve.

Practice is about getting evidence of better results.