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Golf Beginners

Are you new to golf, in the initial stages of learning or would like to try it without any commitment? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find everything from beginner ‘Have a Go!’ Courses (Schnupperkurs) to membership of a golf club.

For the experienced Golfer

You already play Golf and want to improve? My simple approach to teaching will lead the way to your improvement. My training packages our tailored to your needs to help you improve in all areas.

Our Beginner Courses

Our beginner courses are tailored to those curious to find out what golf is and ‘Have a Go’ and those who want to get started.

Beginner Membership

Or have you already decided to commit to passing your golf certificate? Then the Platzreife Membership is ideal for you. A flexible individual lesson programme package will quickly get you to the standard required to enjoy your time playing on the golf course!

Member Support

With our Member Support there is always someone assigned to help and support you in your golfing education up to passing your Platzreife tests.

Trial Membership

With our Trial Membership we offer you the chance to sample Golf Membership after passing your Platzreife. I offer further individual training to help you advance your golfing experience.

Individual Lessons

Every Golfer and every swing is different and therefore every lesson is different. I teach the person and try to get the best performance out of them. I take into account their physical, technical and mental abilities and adapt each session to the individual.
I have been playing Golf for 50 years, Teaching for 30 years, Clubfitting for 25 years and have attended innumerable Further Education Courses in Golf. But knowledge and experience doesn’t necessarily make a great
teacher. To filter the information and give a clear, simple lesson to help the Golfer in what he/she needs to perform better is the art and science of my job. That is what I deliver.


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Courses and Packages

My Courses and Packages offer you the chance to bring your game to the next level

Andrew's Video Channel

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‘Keep it Simple’: Wisdom and logic delivered in a simple and practical way.

Through extensive further education in swing mechanics, anatomy, biomechanics, trackman technology and cognitive function, I have over the past 25 years gained an enormous amount of knowledge to improve my performance as a Golf Teacher. However, I feel my greatest asset is being able to deliver my knowledge in a clear, concise and applicable way to quickly and easily improve my customers performance. No set method, no model swing, no particular ‘must gain’ positions. I do have Concepts and Keys (see video library) to powerful, efficient, injury free swing motion and consistent ball striking, but my aim is always to work with the individual and maximise their potential as a golfer.

I also believe in a holistic approach to improving performance – that physical and mental improvements, in addition to good technique, can also have an enormous positive effect on scoring and enjoyment of the game. These themes shall also be covered in Concepts and Keys in addition to technique.

Andrew Cullen - Short Bio

Class AA Swiss PGA Professional, Dipl.Sports Psychology, Golf Physio Pro

1991- 2015: Head Pro at Panmure GC, Newquay GC, Roserrow G&CC, Golf Limpachtal, Golf Rheinfelden

2016 – present: Teaching Pro at GC Markgräflerland Kandern and Freelance Golf Consultant
Swiss Senior Tour Player