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“If I want to buy new clubs, WHY SHOULD I BE CLUBFITTED?”


Clubfitting: Recommending clubs for your body type and swing characteristics.

Using static body measurements (height, wrist to floor length, hand size) and dynamic swing measurements (speed, clubhead lie at impact, ball flight tendencies) to optimise the clubs performance from your swing, I can recommend for you the following:

  • clubhead type
  • clubhead lie
  • shaft length
  • shaft type
  • lofts and gapping (consistent distance differences between clubs)
  • grip type
  • grip size

to match you to your ideal set: irons, hybrids, fairways and/or Driver.

At GC Markgraeflerland, Kandern we fit and sell Callaway, Ping, Titleist and Honma Clubs. To set up a Clubfitting with me, send me an email with your desired date and time or check my agenda to book a 45minute fitting. The cost of the fitting is re-imbursed in the price of the Clubs (3 or more) if you order through us.


Club Reviews 


Ping i500 irons – ********* (9/10)

Ping i500 irons Review - click here to read

Crackalackin! I’ve played Ping irons on and off my whole golfing life (1968-present). My first set of Pings – the legendary Ping Eye 2 irons were ground breaking technology and set the standard for cavity backed “game-improvement” irons: clubheads designed to give better performance from off centre hits.

The new Ping i500 goes further than cavity backed technology. It also has a “trampoline effect” maraging steel face which, due to flexing on impact, creates higher ball speeds. That means longer shots with increased backspin. Good news! In addition, the irons have only “minimal offset” so they don’t look or behave like a beginners club (ugly and high launching!). Beautiful! The i500 comes with a number of shaft options including the lightweight steel Ping AWT shaft. Personally, I like the feel and performance of the UST Recoil shaft – a graphite shaft with a similar feel to steel shafts. So you get the increased distance and less vibration benefits of graphite but with better feedback than a normal graphite shaft.

The only negative – it’s not as pretty as the new Ping Blueprint iron. That’s why it’s 9/10 in my book (….bit harsh). If you’re in the market for new irons I’d recommend you always go to a good clubfitter.

Ping G410 Hybrid **********(10/10)

Ping G410 Hybrid Review - click here to read

Hybrids…..definitely easier to get airborne than their counterpart iron. But from my experience over the past 10 years or so of playing them, I’ve personally never found one that gives me the confidence to either hit the ball straight or work it. Maybe just me. For that reason I’ve tended more to the utility iron – a sort of halfway house between iron and hybrid – to replace my 3 and/or 4 iron. UNTIL NOW! If you read the rave reviews on the ping.com website about the G410 hybrid you’ll think – “yeah, yeah….paid stooges.” But after you’ve tried it for yourself you’ll say “S***! These guys were straight up!”  This is a great hybrid. Easy to play, long, straight, workable and adjustable. It’s never going to be pretty…..c’mon it’s a hybrid! But it sits beautifully.  The techy stuff: A larger head provides added stability. The head shape allows you to align the face confidently at your target. An adjustable hosel helps you fine tune trajectories and get your gapping (yardage differences between clubs) correct. A deeper, high-density tungsten back weight creates extreme perimeter weighting to maximize forgiveness. And the strength and flexibility of a thin, maraging-steel face attached to the 17-4 stainless steel head increases ball speed for added distance. All-in-all, a serious piece of kit. Available in 2h – 6h. Comes with the standard Ping Alta CB shaft but have a go with the Mitsubishi Tensei shaft if you can. With this clubhead it’s a monster combo!

Titleist T300 irons *******(8/10)

Titleist T300 irons Review - click here to read

I must confess, I’ve never owned a set of Titleist irons. Not out of dislike or any other prejudice. I was just brought up mostly on Ping and Mizuno. So it was for me a breath of fresh air (and it was a fresh 4 degrees outside!) to test out the Titleist T300 this week.

Titleist tend to be marketed and sold as a “players club” – mid to low handicappers – and the look of the T300 is certainly compact/classic: mid-sized, little offset and a thin top line. But the technology within is packed with forgiveness on off-centre hits. The Titleist Max Impact system claims to deliver consistent speed and forgiveness across the entire clubface, resulting in more consistent ball flights.  For me, the club looks good at address but it’s not very pretty from the back. But looks have little to do with the performance, which, especially with the excellent Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red shaft (which I have in my Ping G410 Hybrid….it’s ******* awesome!), was very satisfying. I’d need to see it perform on the golf course over a few rounds but Titleist’s claim of length, dispersion control and steep angle of descent for ¨drop and stop¨ iron shots seemed pretty convincing from my tests.

I have sold two sets of T300’s to customers at the end of 2019 and I always compare Ping, Callaway and Titleist in a clubfitting. So for me it stands up well against other ¨game improvement¨ clubs in the same class but with a compacter head than its immediate rivals. Good stuff. I’ve given the T300 an 8/10. Great performance but I just don’t like the overall look of the clubhead. If you’re a player, and you want pretty, go for the slightly less forgiving T100 or T200.